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Champion Personal Injury Law

When a potential lawsuit arises, the injured party, too often, is pulled in numerous directions by colleagues, friends, and even family to call their friend, “the best personal injury lawyer.”

Aside from being overwhelming, this pressures the injured party into calling a specific attorney over another, often having to explain their choice to colleagues, friends, and even family members. Champion Personal Injury Law keeps your personal injury cases personal and helps to avoid the peer-pressures associated with having to hire someone’s “friend”.

Though founded by attorneys, Champion Personal Injury is not a law firm. Instead, Champion was formed to help people injured in Illinois identify and find the best attorney to help them in their time of need. We can assist you in getting the advice and representation you need while maintaining complete confidentiality – without colleagues, friends, or even family members having to know you’re looking for legal assistance and considering litigation.

Champion Personal Injury Law allows a person, oftentimes undecided on their ultimate decision, to gain a better understanding and knowledge about exploring a personal injury case without having to involve outside parties.

Through our referral network of experienced personal injury attorneys, our team allows an injured person to control their PERSONAL injury case while keeping it PERSONAL. Champion Personal Injury Law was created to allow an injured person to gain access to information without pressure from others during an already difficult time in their life.

Champion is here to connect you with the information you need, and if desired, connect you to the right Illinois attorney.


Car Accidents

Car accidents can be both traumatic and life-changing. In addition to dealing with what may be very serious injuries, victims may also be burdened with a lengthy process of insurance claim filings and fault determinations. Our team works closely with attorneys that have decades of experience representing clients who sustained serious injuries in car accidents and have the resources to fight insurance companies when necessary in order to obtain full and fair compensation for your recovery.

Motorcycle Accidents

Unfortunately, we cannot control what every motorist on the road does, but clients can control finding an experienced attorney to guide them through litigation. Our team works closely with experienced motorcycle accident attorneys that not only have the knowledge to establish liability against the offending driver but are also able to navigate the oftentimes complex insurance issues common to motorcycle accidents.

Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents aren’t simple. Our referral network of attorneys are experienced at navigating the oftentimes complex issues present in trucking accident injuries, and have litigated against some of the largest trucking companies in the United States.

Construction Accidents

Construction workers are seriously injured or even killed after being forced to perform their duties in hazardous conditions every day. Our team works closely with construction accident lawyers who have represented seriously injured construction workers suffering from construction premises accidents, scaffold collapses, fall accidents, electrocutions, crush injuries, forklift accidents, and more.

Nursing Home Negligence

Our team works closely with attorneys who are well-versed in the inner workings of nursing homes and the unfortunate reality that some nursing homes act to the detriment of the same families who placed their loved ones in their trust. Our referral network of experienced attorneys will provide legal guidance focused on holding facilities accountable for their negligence and abuse, protecting your loved ones against future harm, and assisting your family in their recovery.

Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries, which affect how the brain works, are a major cause of death and disability in the United States. Some people may even be at greater risk for worse health outcomes after such an injury. Our team works closely with experienced brain injury attorneys who collaborate with brain specialists and neurologists to effectively communicate to jurors the severity of the injury and the unfortunate lifetime impairments that traumatic brain injuries can cause.

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Hire an experienced lawyer in the area of law in which you require assistance. There are many practice areas in the legal field, and most lawyers tend to handle cases in specific practice areas. The Champion team can help you chose the right attorney – an attorney that focuses on personal injury law and can give you good advice and assist you in achieving the best results.

Be informed and diligent. When seeking representation, choose an experienced attorney with an established reputation. Champion was founded by attorneys who know the legal profession and can match you with best attorneys to assist in all your personal injury needs.

Let Champion help you choose an attorney that will focus on Your needs and Your objectives for Your case. Champion focuses on keeping your personal injury case personal.

Recent Settlements

Our Team works closely with attorneys that have had great successes including the following results:

$4.7 Million

Settlement for an iron worker that fell from a non-OSHA compliant scaffold while performing his job duties during the construction of a commercial building

$2.4 Million

Settlement for a 54 year old man that suffered extensive pelvic fractures after being hit in a crosswalk by an intoxicated driver

$1 Million

Settlement for a high school student that was attacked by other students where the evidence showed that hall monitors failed to intervene